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For entrepreneurs with small businesses finding the perfect kind of logo is a vital stage in their entrepreneurial journey that signals the shift from a concept on paper to a functioning business.

Naturally, you’ll be feeling a great deal of pressure to design the perfect logo. However, we’re here for you to relieve some of the stress and help you understand various types of logos that you could consider for example:

  1. Wordmark logos
  2. Monogram Logos
  3. Combination logos
  4. Brandmark Logos
  5. Emblem logos
  6. Mascot Logos

A logo is only one aspect of the overall branding strategy having a clear idea of what you’re looking for prior to going through the design process will ensure that you’re creating something that will benefit you, your company as well as your intended audience.

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First, first…what does a logo mean?

The word “logo” is often used as a synonym to refer to any symbol a business has developed to visually convey its brand.

There are two major categories in the field of logo design:

  1. Logos consisting of letters — representing the initials or name of a firm.
  2. Logos with symbols and text

Within the two broad categories There are five primary styles of logos, each having distinctive strengths and distinctive design features. A particular style may work better for you than the others according to a variety of factors, including what is the size of your business’s name, your industry and potential customers.

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Each kind of logo may serve a specific purpose however certain designs have seen a surge in popularity in recent times, particularly when more companies are operating entirely online.

“Most of the time, logos operate on a sliding scale between the purely verbal and the purely visual: a word with a letter that makes a visual pun, for example, or a symbol containing a company name,” Michael Evamy, the author of Logo the reference Guide on Symbols as well as Logotypes.

Now, let’s look into each kind of logo more in depth.

1. Wordmark/logotype logo

The most traditional and simple design of a Logo is the one with a wordmark. It is often known as a logotype. It’s just the name of the company.

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The treatment that is text-only relies on the name of the business. It’s more common for companies with short names to opt for a wordmark logo design (one word or hyphenated/combination names are ideal). If the name of a company has two words that can be combined to make space.

With no illustrations or symbols Typography becomes the main focus of the brand, and the stylized name becomes a symbol that represents the business. Think of iconic examples like Coca-Cola, Google, and The New York Times.

Even without images there’s plenty of room for creativity when it comes to selecting the font, color, character features space, shapes, and spacing.

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The way words are written convey meaning and reflect the character of the brand, no matter it’s artistic, playful or educational.

How do you use logos with words?

The best feature of logos with wordmarks is that they’re simple to use across different mediums and increase the recognition of your brand by being simple and simple.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to cut their wordmark logo into a monogram or initial (think of Facebook that uses its well-known F in a majority of its applications). We’ll explain monogram logos next.

2. Monogram/lettermark logo

If the name of your business isn’t quite short, you’ll need to consider monogram (or lettermark) logo or logo variant.

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Monogram logos contain four or more letters, usually an initials of the company or the initial letters. It is often used in place of a traditional symbol changing the identity of a business into an attractive visual.

Naturally the initials will be the main element in the design. In the design it is essential that they are visible, yet memorable.

If you’re the newest child on the block you might want to consider adding the full corporate name underneath the logo in order to create credibility. This strategy is typical for brands just beginning their journey.

Monogram logos: How do you use them?

Monograms and lettermarks are generally by nature, smaller than logos with an image. They also are attractive in smaller areas, particularly squares.

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However, because these kinds of logos are based on text only so you’ll need to concentrate your efforts on selecting the appropriate font. Your logo must be simple to read, yet distinctive and attractive. Consider HBO and the well-known McDonald’s “M,” or the interlocking C’s of Chanel’s logo for examples.

In addition, as we’ve already mentioned it’s not unusual to see a monogram or a lettermark version of a logo with a wordmark to be utilized for smaller areas such as app favicons for websites, applications as well as profiles for social media. It is important to ensure that you use the same font in both versions to increase the recognition of your brand.

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3. Combination logo

A lettermark, or wordmark, with the symbol (often known as the logomark) is what constitutes the term “combination logo. It’s the most popular type of logo design partly because of its versatility. You can utilize the symbol in its own (e.g. in your social media profile images or Favicons) or simply the lettermark or wordmark in cases where you require it.

A combination mark the symbol may appear alongside or on top, beneath or even inside the text. It could also be used to signify a letter within the name of the business.

The symbol can be a defining aspect of your brand and it could represent your brand in an an abstract or even literal. Consider the iconic Nike Swoosh, a smoothed checkmark that isn’t tied to the brand name. Take Apple’s logo for example -which is a symbol which directly refers to the name of the company.

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How do you use combinations of logos

Businesses that are successful in developing a solid brand identity using an integrated logo might eventually opt to simplify their logo. This is done by removing the typeface and depend on the symbol as a representation of the brand. Refer to the section on logos for brandmarks below.

However, combination logos are a ideal choice for startups which need to create brand recognition. A combination logo is an effective method of creating an adaptable logo that can be used across media. Consider how large corporations such as Adidas or Taco Bell use this format across various channels.

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After we’ve discussed the three primary kinds of logos (wordmark monogram, wordmark, and combination marks) We’ll discuss three lesser-known types of logos.

4. Brandmark/logo symbol/pictorial mark logo

A logo for a brand is a distinct image or symbol. The logo can be graphic or a representation of a real object (again Think of Apple) or an abstract design.

The logos don’t contain the company’s name, which poses a risk for a business that is new who wants their brand name to be seen. Brandmark logos are ideal for brands that have established the brand’s recognition.

Like the time and effort spent in deciding on an appropriate name for your business and the kind of image used for the logo used by the brand has to be carefully considered. What do the images say about your business? Does it reflect directly of the name of the business or is it more abstract? Does it convey emotional or a meaning to potential customers?

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How do I use a trademark logo

If you love the concept of a logo with a brand name but aren’t certain you’re making the right option, you could consider creating your own logo using a wordmark and an image. The symbol could be used in a separate way for specific applications, like profiles on social media or web favicons.

5. Emblem logo

One of the earliest forms of logos is the emblem. The basic elements of an emblem’s logo are traditional-style text within the shape of a container (often in the form of a circle or another shape). Think of seals, badges or crests. Emblem logos can be considered an image that is cohesive, instead of typography.

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The logo can convey elegance or prestige, often associated with brands with a an extensive tradition. However, this kind of logo isn’t as adaptable, especially for use on the internet. Emblem logos tend to be intricate, which means they may be more difficult to reduce to usage on social media or business cards.

How do you use emblem logos

Due to their shape, emblem logos can make great photos for your social media profile. They look fantastic when printed on everythingincluding clothes to stickers due to their distinctive design.

6. Mascot logos

Mascot Logos include an illustration that serves as the spokesperson of the brand. These kinds of logos are typically fun and inviting and offer people a persona to connect with and create an emotional connection to.

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There are many mascot logos employed in the marketing of children’s products because of their appeal to children. Consider the numerous Kellog’s characters, ranging from Tony The Tiger, to Tucan Sam.

Food and service brands as well as sports teams are all great consumers for these types of logos. However, recently, we’ve seen the trend of more apps and tech companies taking animations to flesh out their brand.

How do you use the Mascot logo

Choose a logo with a mascot in order to add the spirit of life and character into your business. Mascots are ideal for telling stories and also for animating. If you’ve made an app or manage a tech business Mascots are a great way to teach, inspire and inspire users of your devices.

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