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There are many instances where we fill and sign documents online. Tax returns, employee records, and business contracts are among the documents you should fill out and sign if you own a business. Students fill out PDF form during registration on the institution’s website, while citizens seeking government-offered services can apply at different portals. A portable format is the most convenient to use when creating files.


A PDF editor helps you create, fill out and sign forms before sharing them. You can design your form from scratch or customize the PDF templates in the PDF form creator to your desired format. When creating a form, ensure it has all the required fields in the correct layout. Doing so improves its outlook without occupying a lot of space.

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We have editing software online for crafting and filling out forms. This post outlines three steps to follow to create a PDF fillable form.  Read and learn how to design fillable files from templates or from scratch.


Step 1: Upload PDF Form or Create From Scratch

Online PDF editors like Jotform, PDF filler, Acrobat, and Lumin have different fillable-form templates. The following table shows common PDF editors and the templates they contain.



EditorTemplates Available
LuminpdfLearners profile, teacher’s record of work, lesson plan, assessment checklist, teacher appraisal file, principal’s evaluation sheet.
JotformProduct order document, student registration form, customer registration, business payment file, client feedback, and other business forms.
PDFfillerBusiness proposal, Resume, tax filing forms, receipts, time sheets, and business catalogs.
AdobeCalenders, budgets, resumes, receipts, letters, invoices, and others.
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To access and fill out PDF online, go to google chrome or any browser and type your preferred editor name. Select the editor and navigate its toolbar. Select templates and choose the one to fill on the files’ icon. You can also share the document with your staff or students to fill out. It is crucial to ensure the template you choose has all the fields required or customize it by adding or removing some fields.


Some formats are difficult to customize if crafted from a different office. However, you can create your PDF file online and add all your preferred fields before sharing it with your team. Most people prefer creating a PDF fill online file from scratch because you can add all the fields required. On-net editors have creator tools to assist you in designing your file in no time.

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The first step when creating a fill-and-sign PDF online is opening a blank page in your editor. If your form is tabular, select the number of rows and columns and insert them into the file. You can also name your form on the tool bar’s blank box at the top.


Example: How to Create a PDF form on Docfly From Scratch

On the Docfly home page, tap on create a form on a blank page and select form creator. A blank page appears where you will add the features using the form fields.

Step 2: Add Form Fields to Your PDF

Form fields simplify the editing process in portable files. When creating a document, the fields appear at the top, including text, paragraph, checkbox, dropdown, list, date, and signature. Some documents have more fields depending on the information and details required. For example, an e-signature PDF should have the signature field, while a calendar or an assessment checklist requires text and check box fields.

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Adding fields to your document is a simple two-step process. First, select the fields you want to add and customize them before selecting save.


Suppose you want to add a signature field to a registration document or business agreement. First, click on the signature field, and different options will pop up on your screen for customizing it. They include page and border color and boundary width. After setting the features, click on Save.


Example: How to Add Form Fields on Docfly

On the toolbar, go to form creator to access all the fields. Once you select a field, for example, text, different features appear, including font and font size, text alignment, and text color. Choose all the features and click on Save. Select all the other fields and customize them before saving the settings.

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Lastly, click on  Organize to have all the fields appear in your preferred order.


When the file is ready, you can edit your fillable PDF fully or in some fields, depending on the nature and use of the form. If other parties are required to access and fill out PDF form online after creation, you should allow them permission to edit before sharing.


Other capabilities present on Docfly for editing your document include whiteout and blackout and adding images and links. An institutional logo is an example of an image you can upload to your form.


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If you prefer to fill and sign PDF manually, you can use the Pencil feature to append your signature or upload it to your file.


Step 3: Download File

The last step in creating your document is downloading it. Before you click on the download icon, ensure you have added all the fields and your signature if required. To download the file, click save to sync all the changes, followed by Download.

Example: How to Download File on Docfly

You can download a file you created or uploaded after editing it before you share. Click on save to sync the edits you have made on the form, and then download by tapping on the downward arrow at the top of your screen.

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At this point, your form is ready for sharing. Most online editors save their files to the cloud, and by sharing the link, your audience can access and fill PDF form online as required.


Parting Shot

Online editing software offers you a direct way to sign PDF document and share them with your team, customers, institutional administration, and the government. In addition, you can print PDF online by clicking on Print after editing your file. Creating and filling out docs online in a portable format has many advantages. For example, your files are secure and easy to share. They also save time and are easily accessible.

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